HeavenHR Hackathon Vol.1

On the 2nd and 3rd of September, we hosted our first in-house Hackathon at HeavenHR. Our employees formed spontaneous teams, developed an idea for a product and pitched their prototype – all within 48 hours.

The only rule: the product must be location-aware and run on mobile devices. For this, we utilized Estimote Beacons that initiated tasks on mobile devices within close range.

On Friday morning, two ideas prevailed: moodUp and meety.


moodUp asks employees entering the building for their happy.bunnycurrent mood and provides feedback on the general mood of the company. A push notification pops up on their mobile devices, and prompts each employee to select one of the four moods: grumpy cat, happy bunny, early bird or lazy bear. The solution takes a light-hearted approach to personnel management, and allows you to keep track of how the mood in your company develops over time. The first tests of the moodUp prototype proved this charming idea can reveal more about your employees than you’d initially expect.


meety solves a very specific problem that most of us know from everyday office life: booking meeting rooms. Most of the time, employees plan ahead and ensure a room is booked in advance. However, meetings can also happen spontaneously, or sometimes the best way to hold a quiet conversation is to utilize the privacy of a meeting room. For situations with short notice, how can employees actively reserve meeting rooms in the calendar?

With meety, a free meeting room can be booked automatically upon entry. The solution asks whether and for how long you would like to book the room, and voila! Given only minimal information is required, meety allows employees to quickly book a room, push the update to calendar and eliminate the risk of being interrupted during the meeting.


It’s not all just fun stuff

In addition to experimenting technically, the Hackathon was also a good opportunity for our employees to try out new team structures and adopt unfamiliar roles. During debriefing, many participants indicated they learned a lot about the work of their colleagues, and extended beyond their own job requirements as well – since many of them took on new roles and completed what can sometimes take weeks in two condensed days.

For others, it was a good opportunity to use new technologies they had only read about in practice. Many also indicated they will incorporate findings from the Hackathon directly into daily development.

For all participants, the Hackathon was an enriching experience and we will definitely repeat the format in the near future.


And now?

Of course, a prototype is not a marketable product and Javascript running off a laptop does not provide a scalable backend. Nonetheless, all participants agreed that moodUp and meety both have a lot of potential – one as a fun way of tackling a traditional personnel management issue and the other to provide a small assistance to an everyday problem with great effect.

We will continue developing both solutions, and keep you up to date on when moodUp and meety will be available for download.

Until then, code on!


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