8 ways to boost employee productivity this summer

Have you ever imagined being on the beach while sitting in your office chair?


I have too.

As the temperature rises, productivity at work often take a slump. The heat and fun that come with summer provide extra distractions, and companies should take proactive measures to ensure staff efficacy. 

Here are 8 ways to boost your employee productivity this summer:

1. Encourage holidays

My summer holiday in Croatia

When employees don’t take the necessary time off, even if they are physically at work – they may be mentally checked out. To help staff avoid burning out, encourage them to take a holiday. Studies have shown that time off from work can lead to increased productivity and creativity in employees. Employees have the opportunity to relax, reduce stress and recharge, so they can better focus on the goals at hand when they return. A break from the office can also improve how employees perceive their job, and make them more motivated to get work done.

2. Set summer goals

With employees taking time off throughout the summer, it’s important to coordinate holidays with company goals to ensure specific targets are met on time. Using a vacation management tool can help you manage employee holiday schedules within different teams to better create a development plan for the summer season. Proper planning will keep employees accountable for tasks and ensure projects are delivered accordingly.

3. Outdoor office activities

Friday BBQ in the park

Does your office regularly have Friday beers? Why not host your next company event outside. Take advantage of the warm weather, and head to a park, a rooftop, or rent a boat! Celebrate summer with your employees by sponsoring sporting events, company parties and outdoor retreats. Not only are group outings a great way for your team to build upon existing relationships, but can also increase employee happiness to produce higher staff productivity and loyalty in the long term.


Another idea is to encourage employees to bike or walk to work. Exercise boosts endorphins, and your employees will arrive at work refreshed and ready to start the day off on the right foot. It can also be beneficial to host a company retreat at the end of summer to welcome and re-engage the team post-holidays. Take it as an opportunity communicate goals for the rest of the year to keep your team on track for success.

4. Keep cool

There is nothing more unpleasant than working in a sweltering office. When room temperature is too high, it can be difficult to stay awake, let alone focus on the task at hand. Ideal temperature for the workplace is between 18-21 degrees. To maintain a comfortable working environment, ensure you have an effective air conditioning system or fans around the office to aid ventilation. Small desk fans are cheap to purchase, and make a world of difference for employee productivity.

5. Refreshing goodies

Our team taking a break to enjoy some ice cream

There is nothing better than a cold treat on a hot day. At HeavenHR, we frequently provide our employees with ice cream in the summer. Allowing employees to take a small break and enjoy refreshing snacks is easy and inexpensive, and such small gestures can make the work day more enjoyable and foster a better company culture. You can also try iced coffee, smoothies, or even chilled watermelon for a similar effect.

6. Flexible working hours

With longer days in the summer, consider introducing summer-friendly working hours. Since days begin earlier, letting employees start and leave early will give them the opportunity to enjoy sunshine after work. This not only improves work-life balance, but morning temperatures also provide a more suitable atmosphere for work.

Other ways to boost morale include remote work and Friday “Flex days”, where employees only work a half day. When employees are not imposed to spend a designated amount of hours in the office, it not only saves them travel time, but also allows them to focus on meeting deadlines and producing good work instead of meeting hours. Offering employees more freedom and flexibility to customize their own work schedule will also make them much happier and more committed to their work. As long as your team maintains strong communication and clarifies specific target dates, flexible working hours can greatly improve employee efficiency in reaching company goals.

7. Casual attire

Business professional attire can be a major cause of discomfort in hot weather. This summer, loosen your company’s dress code to make your employees feel more relaxed at work. If your business must maintain a strictly professional dress code, try weekly or bi-weekly casual wear Fridays or reduce the rigorousness of the dress code when clients are not in the office. Of course, there is a fine line between what is appropriate.

8. Bring your pets to work

Our software developer Graham having fun with Kira

Don’t let employees worry about how their beloved pets are doing at home on a hot summer day. Instead, encourage a pet-friendly environment and let employees bring their pets to the office. Employees will be better able to work overtime to reach company goals when they don’t have to go home to feed their pets, and animals in the workplace can also reduce stress and boost morale.

Remember: happy staff equals productive staff!

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