HeavenHR Speaker Series: Recruiting is dead, long live recruiting!

The search for the right employees is one of the most important tasks in Human Resources – and also one of the hardest. Traditional recruitment tactics such as newspaper job advertisements are no longer sufficient to attract top candidates. Social developments, technological innovation and changes in supply and demand has all dramatically affected the labor market.

What is involved in modern recruiting? What are the challenges? And what new strategies and approaches can HR adopt in response to the current skill shortage?

We have also asked ourselves these questions. To get more insight on how recruiting is transitioning today, we invited speakers from various sectors in the HR field to discuss current developments at our second HeavenHR Speaker Series event.

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New ways to attract top talent

Winning the best talent is becoming increasingly difficult, for both young startups and large seasoned companies. And new trends such as video applications, social media job posts and mobile recruitment are dramatically altering the HR world. We summarized below how our speakers are approaching modern recruiting.

> Clemens Dittrich, Founder & CEO of truffls

Through personal experience, Clemens learned the hardships of recruitment runs both ways. After graduation, most university students quickly realize the next dream job may not be just around the corner. Applications take up a lot of time and previous employment history may not align with the job desired now. The idea of a “Tinder-like” mobile job board was born from this, for job seekers to browse jobs in the simplest possible way. The platform suggests appropriate vacancies based on the user’s profile and settings, and the user can swipe to keep or discard jobs. Job openings can also be uploaded within seconds to shorten the recruitment process for companies. With growth of mobile development, mobile recruiting was a logical next step for Clemens. The target group for the platform include students and young professionals who are already working or looking for their next career move. Mobile recruitment platforms can help accelerate the application and hiring process for those with limited time.

> Frank Gessner, Founder & CEO of 4scotty

Starting his career as an IT specialist, Frank is now the CEO of a reverse recruiting marketplace for IT professionals. With vast experience in recruiting, leading teams and corporate management, Frank knows firsthand recruitment in the tech sector is no easy task. The market place has changed significantly over the past decade. IT professionals are hot commodities nowadays and companies need to pitch for the best talent instead of the other way around. 4scotty solves this problem by offering employers a platform to engage IT professionals and “sell” their companies. Detailed search criteria ensure companies receive tech talents tailored to their needs on a regular basis, and job offers usually occur within 60 days of successful matches.

Frank provided fascinating insight into his recruiting approach when we asked him about his favourite interview question. To get a full picture of the candidate, he asks candidates what their references would say about them, and compares the answer to what the references actually say.

> Lana Wittig, Marketing & Sales Manager of F Edition

With the goal of providing a magazine for women different from the conventional, Edition F has grown to a digital platform on four legs in a very short amount of time. The company’s primary audience are professional women with both feet firm in life. On top of inspiring content, networking events and webinars for continuing education, one of the major focus surrounds women in the workplace. In her lecture, Lana discussed how women’s recruitment priorities differ from men. To better attract female employees, companies should include more adjectives, visual stimuli and text passages that describe the values and culture of a company. Women also respond better to job postings with less key requirements. According to studies, women in contrast to men, only apply for jobs with requirements they fulfill 100%.

With this in mind, companies should include a shorter list of requirements in job postings to attract more suitable candidates. All details can be clarified in a later stage of the interview process.

> Arnim Wahl, Founder & CEO of firstbird

Our last speaker started his career in a law firm. In the “war for talent”, he quickly noticed personal relationships and a well-development network can be extremely helpful. Firstbird was founded based on this knowledge, and the online platform focuses on one of the strongest forces in recruitment – staff recommendation. While employee referral programs are nothing new, there are some barriers that hinder the effectiveness of the referral approach. Armin addressed problems such as misaligned incentives, lack of information sharing and reward management, and highlighted 10 tips on how to deal with such issues. By increasing the awareness of staff recommendation services, referrals can lead to successful employer branding if not successful employment. Arnim also reinforced what we all know to be true: the placement of qualified personnel from staff recommendation is much faster and more cost-effective than other traditional recruitment approaches.

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Thanks again to all of our speakers for their insights on the latest developments in HR. The next HeavenHR Speaker Series will be held on August 24th at Mindspace am Gendarmenmarkt. The topic of discussion will be on female entrepreneurship, and how women find success in the male-dominated startup sector. We are excited to host speakers from Kale & ME, Careship, Kitchen Stories and Redstone Digital.

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A summary of our first HeavenHR Speaker Series event about personnel and team development can be found here.

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