Rights Management Update

We are so excited to introduce our new Rights Management feature – a big step towards helping you better manage your team. With customized permissions, you can rest easy knowing the right employees have access to the right data and administrative functions. Employees have the access they need and you maintain control.

The Rights Management feature brings the following updates:

1. You can now assign customized access to employees.

Employee user accounts can be tailored to access data and functionalities as required by their responsibilities in the company. For example, the team lead’s assistant can access information about absence and vacation for the entire team, but not detailed contract information. Whereas, the team lead can see those details and manage absence requests. Customized access not only allows the right employee to perform required administrative duties, but also protects your sensitive HR information and your employee’s privacy.

2. Time-tracking and absence requests within teams can be managed by more than one supervisor.

All supervisors of a department will now be be able to access time-tracking and absence requests. This feature will also enable HR to establish a temporary substitute supervisor to manage requests when the original supervisor is away from the office.

3. Rights management will be based on teams instead of individual supervisors.

Before, every employee was assigned with a supervisor who managed their data and requests. With the new update, employees are allocated into departments, and every department is appointed with a supervisor. When you add a new employee, our system will automatically allocate the right supervisor to take care of your new team member.


The Rights Management feature has also altered some structures within the system. To help you fully understand the functionality, please read the following information to ensure all benefits can be reaped.

With the update, it is now possible to assign employees as head of a department or head of the company. However, this will not automatically give the head access to all employee data within the team or company. Checking the “head” box only specifies the role structure, and allows our system to send automatic emails to the Head regarding employees within the department, such as upcoming new hires, birthdays and contract expirations.

The purpose of assigning supervisors to a department or company is to establish a clear hierarchy structure with linear data access. For example, the CTO will automatically be permitted to manage the data of engineering team leads, as well as all software developers within each engineering team.


We hope you enjoy the new Rights Management update. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to  get in touch with our Customer Service team. We are always happy to help.

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